Story Play® provides high quality workshops and enrichment programmes exploring Stories, Storytelling & Storymaking.
Other sessions include Poetry & Creative Writing, Drama & Movement, and Tai Chi Movements for Well-Being.

“Arts make the Difference.”

Story Play® provides storytelling in schools and sessions for early years settings.

Story Play® has been developed over many years by Carol Florence Graham who is a professional storyteller and writer. Carol has a degree in English and American Literature; a background in holistic education, a training in dramatherapy, and the Level Three Forest School Practitioner’s Award. She delivers workshops and training sessions across England and Wales in many different settings. Projects include working with Reception to Year 5 at a local primary school; a storytelling project in South Wales; CPD workshops at the Bishops Wood Centre in Worcestershire, and workshops for Montessori Centre International in London.

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Story Play® works towards:

  • Creating a nurturing environment in which creativity can flourish.
  • Being fully inclusive and encouraging and celebrating each person’s involvement.
  • Working openly and collaboratively.
  • Creating a positive and enjoyable experience for all involved.
  • Supporting children’s creative, linguistic and social development.
  • Encouraging educators and families to share stories and poetry with children.
Carol Graham

Carol Graham

Story Play is a member of the Creative Connections Herefordshire

The Story Play artwork was created in 2013 by textile artist Kathleen Murphy of Murgatroyd and Bean.

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Storytelling in Early Years

Storytelling in Early Years – Reflecting on Practice.

Story Play Tent for Early Years

Storytelling in Early Years

Storytelling in Early Years is a magical experience that provides young children with the opportunity to develop their imaginations, gain important life and literacy skills, and also learn about the world around them.

This month Story Play is working with Nursery and Reception classes and it’s a joy to be sharing stories, rhymes and poems in these weekly sessions. When I prepare for these sessions I always think about which stories to tell, and about the effect of other factors on a ‘Story Time’ session.

During CPD sessions I encourage educators to take some time to reflect on their storytelling practices and to consider the following questions:

  • Where does the storytelling take place? Are the sessions free from interruptions or disturbances? Does the environment support careful listening? Don’t forget that visual clutter can be as noisy as anything you can hear.
  • When does the storytelling take place? Is it at an optimum time for listening and sitting quietly? Could the timing be improved?
  • Who is telling the stories? Are the children hearing different voices and different styles of storytelling? Do the children have the opportunity to retell traditional stories and also tell their own stories? Do staff enjoy telling stories? How could they be supported in developing their skills and confidence?
  • What kinds of stories are you telling? How well-written are the books? What kind of props or puppets are being used and how effectively? Is there a range of narrative types from fairy tales to everyday stories?

A regular review can lead to changes that can make a big difference to the quality of storytelling!

See here for more details about Early Year’s CPD Sessions

Story Play Projects in Schools and Community Settings

It’s been a real pleasure reflect on the 2018 Story Play projects in Schools and Community Settings. These included storytelling at two Herefordshire festivals in the warm summer months. Look at this amazing Storytelling Sofa at Hellens Garden Festival

Here are some of the beautiful treasure boxes decorated in storytelling and craft workshops in Knighton, Powys. The library had recently moved to a new location in the town’s Community Centre and we were in a fabulous  light-filled room which opened onto a beautiful sensory garden.

In the Autumn Story Play ran a six week project for young children at Hereford Museum with a rhyme written especially for the bees in their glass hive! 

The third photo is of one of the books created in a Poetry & Creative Writing Session. This pilot is now developing into an enrichment programme involving two schools and with classes from Reception to Year Four. Can’t wait to get started!